21 November 2016

Blending Spaces

What could really help educators?

Among so many educational issues and items, a space to help teachers keep lessons, share lesson ideas and to create a digital portfolio would be welcomed. 

And that is what TES Teach with blendspace offers. A space to have lessons, share lessons while combining digital resources all in one space. 

Lessons and materials can be shared also on different social media platforms, as well as on Edmodo and Google Classroom.  (for those who use these with students). Besides tips for using TES there is also a library for teachers, where they can find shared resources for their subject.

TES Teach is really simple to use for creating lessons. You can also assign classes and share with learners so that they too contribute to creating lessons. 

For educators who teach online, this is a great space to keep teaching materials and lessons to share with students.

Learning doesn't have to be a solitary process for either educators or students.

Collaborate & Curate from langwitches on Vimeo.

Nor does learning need to be only directed at passing exams. (within ELT, the IELTS comes to mind)

Learning does, however, demand personal and direct participation.

Having a space to keep lessons and materials, to share with colleagues and learners, and to have students contribute as well, is a stepping stone forward in collaborative learning.

How do you encourage learning collaboration?

Further Suggestions:

Students as Contributors: The Digital Learning Farm

I'd like to thank Stephen Collings who recently shared his wit regarding the IELTS exam. 

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